7 comments on “Night of the Harvest Moon

  1. dotlatjohn says:

    I wondered if all those felines were yours! When we got married, Terry had two big black and whites and we had a little black cat that ran them ragged. Nice haiku and pictures. Love kitties!


  2. My husband and I walked Monday and Tuesday under the Harvest moon. Oh so beautiful. We saw more orange.


  3. My favorite of the cats the black and white, just hanging around getting some moon shine.


    • ha ha. I thought it was interesting that all of them appeared out of the dark shadows as soon as I stepped outside last night to try and film the moon. So I turned on the flash and snapped their picture. The solid black and the yellow ones are mine. The other two are my grandsons” cats. The little black and white one is mother to the black one and the gray and white one (in the rocker).


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