An August Interlude

Fog swirled before the mountains
hid them as a woman’s veil hides her
countenance. The sun languidly
pulled the fog away.  In the garden, grape
leaves, green the day before,
had disappeared, leaving a bare vine
around the cedar post. Three green tomato
worms crawled there, full-stomach guilty.
The farmer sentenced them as soon as he
discovered them. Four o’clocks in pink,
white and yellow tutus pirouetted like
ballerinas. Evening arrived speckled with
stars and a moon as bright as white magnolia
blooms dressed the darkness. A mockingbird
sang softly to the night.


© Freeda Baker Nichols

9 comments on “An August Interlude

  1. dotlatjohn says:

    Don’t know how i missed seeing this when it was first posted, but I’m glad i ran across the notification because I loved it and could relate to those fat tomato worms and the four o’clocks’ tutus.

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  2. Catherine Johnson says:

    Beautiful, Freeda!


  3. I like the way each photo matched the poem as I was reading.


    • The poem was written a long time ago, in 2005, I think it was. Pictures are more recent, but I’m having a good time putting them together. Ginger, I received a book order from a lady in Texas. She had seen the book mentioned on Facebook. I was happy!


  4. Pat Laster, do you recall that you and Laverne critiqued this poem? In 2005.


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