These hills that reach to touch me
and encircle me with mirth
are the hills that I’ve called home
since the moment of my birth.

These wild and wonderful Ozarks
so rich in country lore
reach lovingly to hold me
forever at their door.

c Copyright, 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols
Published in Ozarks Mountaineer

8 comments on “THESE OZARK HILLS

  1. Alice says:

    You always make me long for the Ozarks.


  2. spunkonastick says:

    And they are very unique. Our hills here are much different.


  3. On my list when it comes time to travel (even if I wasn’t raised there!)


    • The spring and fall are ideal times to enjoy good weather, the beauty of the woodlands and little wayside flowers. But anytime would be our pleasure to welcome you to this part of the U.S. Hope you keep the Ozarks on your travel list.


  4. I have seen the lovely Ozarks, my family also came from there, each time that I have seen them I wished at times that I could say I also came from there. Tho my family left for a while they couldn’t wait to get back, and back they went to the beautiful Ozarks Hills, never again looked back.


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