Technique of the Poets




to read and share

with other people

who live around the world.

Goodhearted words have different

effects from words of sharp anger

or hate in patterns by the poets

who are skilled in smooth poetic techniques.

4 comments on “TEN LINES

  1. Comcast says:

    Nice! Just now saw this.

    Have been meaning to tell you how much I enjoy your contributions to the county paper and The Voice. I am always glad to see when you have something in there.

    Does Yvonne ever get back to Arkansas?




  2. Dorothy says:

    Very nice, Freeda. Hope you are doing well and good to see you are still writing poetry.


    • Thank you, Dorothy. And thank you for sending the brochure for WCCW Contest. I’m sorry I didn’t enter. Had thought I would, but I’ve slowed down a lot with my writing and now I’ve missed the deadline. I miss attending meetings and conferences. I wonder if you will have WCCW? I was just notified that our Poets’ conference has been canceled due to the pandemic. Sad times.


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