Dust Jacket for My First Novel

The dust jacket for my novel was illustrated by my sister, Yvonne Baker Hall, an artist who lives in California. Her award-winning paintings have been displayed at galleries in California and in Tokyo, Japan. She paints all subjects, including murals. Her training includes art classes taught by prominent instructors in Alaska, Minnesota, and California. Yvonne is inspired by nature’s beauty, and she tries to capture the beauty on canvas to share with others. Listed in American Artist of Renown, 1981, her work is published in “Art of the American West,” Rockport Publishers, 1999.

Yvonne volunteered to illustrate the jacket for my book. I’m grateful to her for providing such a beautiful painting that depicts a scene in the novel.

Through email and telephone conversations we made decisions on the jacket. I was reminded of our childhood days on Banner Mountain.

Back in those days, Yvonne and I cut out paper dolls from The Sears and Roebuck Catalogue. For hours, we played with the paper dolls on the front porch. We created our own toys at a period when all the other kids we knew did the same.

Now, years later, I’m pleased to announce that my sister illustrated the cover for my first novel. Hopefully, the beauty of the dust jacket will invite the reader to open the book and read the 200-page mainstream novel.

Set in Arkansas in 1983, my book is aimed at a general audience. My teenage grandson calls it a western. It does have an element of “The West.” Guns, horses and stampeding cattle offer adventure in modern times. The story also has an element of romance. I call the novel a family story about a college graduate holding to traditional values as she strives to help her family through a crisis.

by Freeda Baker Nichols

12 comments on “Dust Jacket for My First Novel

  1. Dianne Jacobs says:

    Hi, Aunt Freeda,
    Well I finished the CALL OF THE CADRON in two days, Wow I had no idea your talent in writing! Your very good and it was also very good, couldn’t put it down! Where is the picture of the cover, is it on this page? You should have it on there so everyone knows what to look for. I am looking forward to your next novel, when might that happen? Well thank you for sending me a copy. Love you Dianne


    • To see a picture of the book, go to my blog. Click on Archives. Scroll down to May 2012, then scroll down to May 19. You shoud see a picture of the book and information about it. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it. Your mother painted a beautiful cover for it. Love to you, Dianne, and Brett, too. Thanks so much for your comment about my book.


  2. Carrie says:

    That is really awesome being based on family values, which I do believe has been lost in time, and I myself recall doing paper dolls with my grandmother. I am looking forward to seeing the cover how exciting:)


  3. spunkonastick says:

    Congrats! Will you be posting the cover here soon?


  4. spunkonastick says:

    Will you be posting the cover here?


  5. Martha Heckman says:

    That is wonderful! Family is everything and obviously yours is just that! Not to mention very talented!!! Looking forward to obtaining and reading your novel.


    • I agree about family! Next to family, friends are special people, like the Heckman family! No matter the distance, I’m glad we are friends! Somewhere I have a poster that says, “The road to a friend’s house is never long.” Of course, in miles, it’s long, but in memory, not so far!


  6. Dot Hatfield says:

    Freeda, how fortunate you are! Knowing the story behind it, I can hardly wait to see what your cover looks like, and to read the completed novel, of course. Dot


    • Thank you, Dot. And thanks for your expertise, as part of our critique group, which “spurred” this story along to its completion. Central Arkansas Writers were definitely encouraging in this venture. I wish you the best with your current novel-in-progress.


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