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  1. bward77 says:

    Freda, it is so nice to hear from you.

    I always enjoyed your columns in The Voice. Which is something I wanted to mention. I was so saddened when our editor, Anita Tucker, passed away. When I received my mailed copy of the Nov. 24, 2020 issue, typically delivered in Colorado about two weeks later, it was a shock. I rarely went on line to read, just waiting for a holdable newspaper. Then the stressful time toward the end with unfortunate circumstances of Terry O’Conner was just so much to take in.

    Being a thousand miles away puts me at a great disadvantage I’ve not experienced before. When I lived in rural Bee Branch, a trip to Clinton would often fill in news gaps for me. So, details from that day forward are non-existent. I would welcome anything you could share.

    I know you’re widely connected, especially in the poetry realm, so I can only assume you have an audience for your writing. I sure hope so.

    I’m in a Writers Group connected with the University of Denver. We meet twice monthly to share our latest writings—still doing that on Zoom since the pandemic started. Our group formed out of classes at OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute), and we’re mostly geared to completing our memoirs. It’s a fun connection, and keeps me on my toes.

    Keep up the good work; I’ll watch for other mailings.

    Stay safe,


    Bill Ward

    340 N. Faver Drive

    Castle Rock CO 80109

    bill@billwardphotography.com http://www.billwardphotography.com



    • Hi Bill,
      What a nice surprise to hear from you! And surprised to learn you are in Colorado!

      Not long ago, Gene and I thought of you and wondered why we never see you. Of course, we seldom walk at the park anymore and stay sheltered because of the pandemic which is surging again at this time.

      Yes, it was shocking to lose Anita so suddenly. Then Terry’s failing health only worsened as she continued keeping the paper afloat. I believe she entered the hospital with a heart issue, then was sent to rehab, where weeks later she passed away.

      Warren Johnson continues a newspaper online which he has a good number of subscribers and he’s working toward making it also into a print copy.

      It’s great that you are writing your memoirs. Best of luck to you.



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