Welcome to my blog! Here, you’ll find poetry, prose and photography. Please stay a while. Scroll through the pages and posts for a sense of life on Banner Mountain where I grew up.  As one of seven children, my memory is filled with experiences I love to share. I hope you enjoy your visit and that you’ll come back often.  With my every word, I’d like to say, “I love you and remember me!”

4 comments on “MY TRUE SENTENCE

  1. Kitty Murdock says:

    bet you get way more than 800. add me to the list you have done so well since the first book.


  2. roger92705 says:

    That is a beautiful picture that is true ozark ,i been to little rock twice in 1985,still love father was born and raised there.step brothers still there in harrison. Thanks for the memorys. Roger


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