TEN CHOICESDSC_0746                                                                           Mystery Birds

A Poem and a Picture


Barn swallows rested on a wire up high.
One carried straw to build a nest this spring.
The other watched, aware of harm nearby.
To warn its mate, the bird commenced to sing.
The little black cat leaped from hayloft door.
The swallows flapped and flew like Peter Pan.
The cat spit-cleaned his paws, to help ignore
the fact that cagey birds outfoxed his plan.


© 2016 Freeda Baker Nichols

Along About Sunset

dsc_0529-001                                                                     summertime

                                                                      along about sunset

horse starts to barn

 © 2016 Freeda Baker Nichols

Today, I wrote a poem . . .

Nothing great, just something fun–this poem I wrote today. It takes a while for new creations to “jell” and so I’m not quite ready to share this new one.  I also photographed a bird today.  A dove.  A pair of doves fly into my yard each evening and feed before the redbirds get here. The doves are quiet, peaceful and polite. They are watchful, too. It’s a challenge to take a good photo of them.  But still I try, sometimes waiting a long time before they strike a pose that causes me to shoot–the camera.


Do you like the doves? This one looks like a good subject for a poem, or a story. Do you think so, too? If you wrote a verse about this dove, what emotion would your words convey? Sadness, happiness, loneliness, or something else?  Please leave a note in a comment below. Thanks.   –Freeda Baker Nichols