Snow and Hungry Birds

Underneath the snow, the sleet lies like pellets as white as the snowflakes that sifted down in the dark of night.
The snow continues to pepper down throughout the day and finally stops.


The Cardinal finds sunflower seed in the mix of feed that’s been sprinkled on top of the snow.


The young Blue Jay waits his turn in the pecan tree. His blue color stands out among the browns, grays, and reds.

Blue Jay

The Sparrow joins right in and appears to find the seed to his liking.


6 comments on “Snow and Hungry Birds

  1. Love the bird photos…excellent!


  2. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    The poor cold birds need shelter. How do they find food with all of that snow?


    • They can’t find much. That’s why we feed them. But the snow never lasts long here. Once the sun comes out, the snow melts. But tonight the temp. is expected to drop to 11. Going to be cold!


      • Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

        I am glad you guys feed them, animals should not have to go hungry…..and yes I agree when temp goes down to 11 that is pretty cold. It was 27 here today and I was freezing.


        • We stayed in all day. It would be risky to try walking in this snow over ice. We like to go walk in it and take pictures, if the sun is out. But this one didn’t even stick to the trees. So, it’s mostly just on the ground with a little on cedars and bushes.


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