Birds of many colors
spread your wings to fly
upward to the treetops
on up into the sky.
Birds with sweetest voices
sing now across the way
begin a happy melody
in every heart today.

© Freeda Baker Nichols
redbirdMrs. RedbirdDowny WoodpeckerOld-world FinchBlack capped chickadeeTufted Titmouse - 2
bluebirddoveDSC_0308 (7)cropped-dsc_0187-21.jpgrobin-- cold morning - 1Eagle at Banner Mt.bluebird on rain gaugewoodpecker in flight

Eleven Image Wrap-up

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Some of the photos taken for or shared with photo101 course for March 2015. I’m looking forward to using the photography lessons I learned through this course. Thanks to WordPress staff for providing this. 🙂 I had fun with blogging this month.

Characters May Be . . .

Entry in my journal:   Characters may be strong, handsome, ugly, good, bad, indifferent — like people.  Some might talk a lot and some might not say anything at all. Or at least, say a bare minimum.

That’s my post for today, plus the photo below:

Today, this cardinal turned its head, for some reason, just as I snapped the picture. Suppose he knew which was his brighter side? Or was he shy?