NaBloPoMo#27 No Sanctuary


No Sanctuary

The white-tailed doe ran through the woods alone.
She’d left her fawns in patch of thick, green fern.
Obeying her, the twins appeared as stone
and waited silently for her return.
A pack of coyotes
sneaked through the brush
where the young ones lay.
At sound of their cries,
the doe rushed back to patch of thick, green fern,
which now lay trampled on the still-warm ground.
Her nostrils flared and burned as though with fire.
The white-tailed doe ran through the woods alone.

© 2013 Freeda Baker Nichols

6 comments on “NaBloPoMo#27 No Sanctuary

  1. I am so impressed at how well you’ve kept up with the daily posting challenge Freeda! And at such a busy time–have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


    • This task has taken its toll. lol 🙂 But it’s been fun. I have the rest of the month’s daily blog posts done and scheduled to post after midnight each night. So today I’m making cornbread for the dressing for dinner Thursday. Will have youngest son and family for dinner. My daughter in law and I are preparing the meal. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  2. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    Oh no, the poor doe, sounds like the coyotes got the fawns. 😦


    • Yes. I snapped the picture of the deer close to our house. Her fawn was with her. I was lucky and got one picture of the fawn nursing. No coyotes around!
      Imagination kicks in when wrtiing poetry.


      • Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

        What fun to be able to see a mama and her baby so close to your house. 🙂


        • I loved that! I was sitting on the porch writing, with the camera nearby, the deer ran across not far from me, the fawn came later. I grabbed the camera. It was wonderful to get a lot of pictures of the pair.


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