Beware of the Dog

Cougar 008

I’m Cougar. I’m not afraid.



Beware of the dog? Who says? I’m not afraid.
Why, he ain’t nothin’ but a big old cat.
Just watch me go right up to him and purr.
He won’t chase me for I am a cougar.
That is what my owner named me and so
I know there was a good reason for that.
One dog lives here, another lives next door.
One of them starts on the run in no time
when I get my backup and head his way.

You really ought to see how fast he goes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
It’s that million dollar mutt the neighbors
think is grander than any other dog
that ever lived. But that just ain’t the truth.
My owner’s big old dog is grander than
any other dog and I’m not afraid
of him. No sir-ee! Just look at his face.
He looks as gentle as a cat to me!

c Copyright, 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

Jasper, 2011, 003









(Note: This poem might be blank verse.  But I don’t guarantee it. 🙂    )

3 comments on “Beware of the Dog

  1. Growing up we had a Siamese cat that detested dogs. When my little brother got into an argument with the neighbor boy and the boy said “I’m going to sic my dog on you,” my brother replied, “well I’m going to sic my cat on your dog.” When the neighbor boy arrived back, (fluffy white) dog in tow… fur flew everywhere. Poor dog. That cat was a rescue who took months to tame when we first got her and she never got used to dogs. We never knew what in her early life inspired all of this distrust.


    • What a good story, Inger! Funny. I’ve seen some spunky cats. One cat that belonged to my son jumped into a dog fight to save the underdog. Hilarious and scary, too. My daughter-in-law and I were trying to break up the dog fight with mops and water hoses. A Blue Healer and a Golden Retriever, the aggressors, also belonged to my son and family, who live next door. The cat jumped on the back of the Blue Healer who appeared to be trying to kill my gentle old Labrador. The fight ended and the animals tolerated each other after that.


  2. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    Oh my yes, i can tell that dog is not afraid, Cougar may purr, the dog seems to be thinking, come on Cougar come right up to me. Let me show you i’m really not afraid.


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