Beware of the Dog

Cougar 008

I’m Cougar. I’m not afraid.



Beware of the dog? Who says? I’m not afraid.
Why, he ain’t nothin’ but a big old cat.
Just watch me go right up to him and purr.
He won’t chase me for I am a cougar.
That is what my owner named me and so
I know there was a good reason for that.
One dog lives here, another lives next door.
One of them starts on the run in no time
when I get my backup and head his way.

You really ought to see how fast he goes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
It’s that million dollar mutt the neighbors
think is grander than any other dog
that ever lived. But that just ain’t the truth.
My owner’s big old dog is grander than
any other dog and I’m not afraid
of him. No sir-ee! Just look at his face.
He looks as gentle as a cat to me!

c Copyright, 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

Jasper, 2011, 003









(Note: This poem might be blank verse.  But I don’t guarantee it. 🙂    )