Coreopsis in bloom on Banner Mountain.


From my journal: “A nice sunny day, this 27 day of February 1991. I must get back to writing in a journal. That, at least, would help me get started back to creating stories.
Sometimes it’s easy to write, other times it is not so easy.
I hope that I haven’t written all the things I’m capable of writing. I hope I can get back to creating short stories soon. That is really my love, creating fiction–short stories, children’s fantasies and novels. That’s the real fun things to do in writing.
This Friday, Writers of the Foothills will meet. Our subject is War in the Persian Gulf. The war is almost over now. I feel relieved and will be glad when it is finally over and the troops are back home. ”  © Freeda Baker Nichols

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6 comments on “BANNER MOUNTAIN GIRL # 38 A Journal Entry

  1. I Wilkerson says:

    Lovely photographs! And I know I have said it before, but it has to be so nice to be able to look back on your life through your journals. This brought back Gulf War memories to me as well…


    • Yes, now and then I enjoy re-reading things I wrote a long time ago. I think it renews and balances me, somehow. Just wish I’d written more regularly. I wrote only now and then and often skipped the more dramatic times.


  2. More wonderful pictures. I’m glad you got back to writing!


    • Me, too. Writing makes me happy! Have met good friends and writers through the years who are so talented, Dorothy, and you are one of them! I often wonder about your book and I hope to see it in print one of these days. I have a novelette I’d like to get back to, but, lately, too many doctor visits cause me to put my writing aside.


  3. What a beautiful and peaceful place to live. Love your photographs. Little did we know In 1992 what would happen in the middle east.

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