No Sanctuary

The white-tailed doe ran through the woods alone.
She’d left her fawns in patch of thick, green fern.
Obeying her, the twins appeared as stone
and waited silently for her return.

A pack of coyotes
sneaked through the brush
where the young ones lay.
At the sound of their cries,

the doe rushed back to patch of thick, green fern
which now lay trampled on the still-warm ground.
Her nostrils flared and burned as though with fire.
The white-tailed doe ran through the woods alone.

© 2015 Freeda Baker Nichols

14 comments on “No Sanctuary

  1. I Wilkerson says:

    Chilling Freeda…


    • One son and one grandson are hunters. But now me. I love to see the deer in the woods. Once a mother deer and her fawn came close to the yard, and I had my camera close by. Some of the photos turned out well.


  2. dotlatjohn says:

    Really powerful, Freeda. I hate those coyotes!


  3. I can picture it happening as I read it.


  4. Catherine Johnson says:

    Wow, Freeda that’s a big sad story really well written.


  5. sad…but, nature has it’s way!


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