Calendars are for . . .

Freeda Baker Nichols, writing on porch of the Pfeiffer House at Hemingway Writers' Retreat

Freeda Baker Nichols, writing on porch of the Pfeiffer House at Hemingway Writers’ Retreat

keeping notes. For reminding you of places to go and places you have been. They tell you that time is marching on . . . does not stand still.

I suppose no one really wants it to.

I wish I would use my time to write poetry and stories that would bring peace, happiness, joy and all good emotions to people who read my creations.

I wish I could write humor.

Freeda Baker Nichols

9 comments on “Calendars are for . . .

  1. sounds like your writings may be taking on a new twist…why not!


  2. Love that porch at Pfeiffer House. That would inspire me. I like surprise endings, but have trouble with humor. For some people it comes so naturally. Not sure I have much of a funny bone in me. Nice thing to aim for.


  3. dotlatjohn says:

    I love my paper calendar. I keep old ones for several years because sometimes I need to look back for a birthday I forgot to transfer to the next year or lose track of when I did something important. I try to choose a pretty one because I look at it everyday and there’s no way to keep living without having those precious days click off. By the way, sometimes you do include humor in your work.


    • Thanks, Dorothy. I, too, keep old calendars. Many of them have beautiful pictures, that actually can help to inspire a new piece of writing! Or so I tell myself that that is why I keep them!


  4. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    I think your wishes just may have come true.


  5. Catherine Johnson says:

    Wow, Freeda humor would be so different from what you do so well but a way to bring it in and keep your style would be a fun twist ending. A metaphor we didn’t expect or just something so surprising we laugh. I would love to master the surprise ending. I think you should try it, something new for Spring :0)


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