National Poetry Day in Arkansas

Sumac, Oct. 2012-- 100

This poem was written especially for The
Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni National Poetry
Day in Arkansas, 2012

In Rosa’s Honor

As poet laureate, Rosa was great!
October 15th marked her special day.
She gave her time and talent to our state,
encouraged poetry along the way.
Her poems still
speak clearly
as year after year
we think of her.
We meet to keep the torch she lit aflame.
We watch it glow when our own fire is low.
We think of her and write our best because,
as poet laureate, Rosa was great!

© Freeda Baker Nichols

Why Keep A Journal?

A very good blogging buddy of mine suggested that I write about keeping a journal. Inger Wilkerson’s interest in my blog has encouraged me since she first commented on my posts and her comments continue to inspire me.

So here goes. Starting a journal in our fast-paced world can be challenging. You might ask, do I have time to keep at it?  In ten years, why would I want to look back at what’s happening now?

Looking back into your journal doesn’t mean that you’re getting old and can’t remember very well. For me, re-reading an entry allows me to enjoy a memory which often brings a smile.  I do filter my thoughts before jotting them down.  I keep my journal notes as positive as possible.

As a writer, a journal is my place to store ideas for stories, poems or novels. It’s a place to write a sentence, a paragraph or maybe a name I like, which might become the name of a character in a book. And so, that’s why I keep a journal.

I have other notes, too, that refer to family. And I wish I had written more about my children, grandchildren, my parents and my siblings. Notes help me remember special times in my life. As I get older, my journal becomes a treasure.  The short writings bring back a vivid memory of something that likely would never resurface on its own.

I prefer a type of journal that has bound pages.  However, many of my notes are first scribbled on scraps of paper, backs of envelopes, my iPad or iPhone to be transferred into the permanent file later.

If you think you’d like to start a journal, why not begin now?  Write in it regularly. Have fun with it. Make it at least a weekly routine. Remember to date each entry.

I hope my friend, Inger, whom I’ve never met, will begin a journal. She has a lovely blog and I invite you to click over to her website and see what she’s up to. She blogs here at Art of Natural Living.


I like summer
when days are long,
when easy winds whisper
a sweet and tender song,
when cool rains fall gently
and soft dust becomes damp,
when lightning bugs flicker
like an out-going lamp,
when the whippoorwill’s call
echoes through the night
and my heart knows
that everything is all right.

© Freeda Baker Nichols


Vow Breaker

The pink petunias hug the tree
where once I made a lover’s vow
to keep within my memory
true words I have forgotten now.

Where once I made a lover’s vow,
I wonder if another speaks
true words I have forgotten now
in sight of Banner Mountain peaks.

I wonder if another speaks
with promises of newborn love
in sight of Banner Mountain peaks
beneath pale specks of stars above.

With promises of newborn love
to keep within my memory
beneath pale specks of stars above,
the pink petunias hug the tree.

© Freeda Baker Nichols