My Page in Poems by Poets’ Roundtable of Arkansas

Rockport, Massachusetts 2006Fantasy’s Friend

Setting my sail on a shimmering sea,
I invited you to skim with me.
Away from the shore to never-never land,
together we swept, hand in hand.
One day my hand unclasped your own,
I drifted then on the sea alone.
My heart became a desert trail
like waves of water, behind the sail,
which opened, then closed a shimmering plane
without you there to whisper my name.

I listen for your voice above the ocean’s roar.
If I could summon you back once more!
But I hear nothing and feel no breeze
to carry me over the shimmering seas,
which mirror your face in a puzzle-like shade
as I reflect on the error I’ve made.
How could I have been so blind
as to leave unlocked the door of my mind,
through which you escaped on the shimmering sea?
Oh, precious love, still sail with me.

© Copyright, Freeda Baker Nichols
From Poems by Poets’ Roundtable of Arkansas, 1991


Bluebird Kind of Day

As a writer, I sometimes need a day, like today, to slow me down. A day to allow my thoughts to dwell on my next idea for a story. Today was that kind of day.  A little rain. Lots of birds to watch. A few pictures to snap. Time for coffee this morning and tea this afternoon. No deadlines to reach. Nothing that I had to do today.  But I worked on photo101’s assignment in WordPress, and in doing that, I photographed a bluebird.

This beautiful bluebird is a sign of spring.  She and her mate are hanging around the birdhouse. The sparrows are around there, too. One year, the sparrows took over the bird box and the bluebirds built their nest in the trees. They are a gentle bird, the sparrows not so gentle. Herein lies conflict. This may be a springboard for a short story.  Or a poem. Surely, there’s a haiku lurking around here someplace.

But I won’t write it on my bluebird day.

In her book, “Basic Story Techniques” Helen Reagan Smith said “Writing itself is work; good writing is hard work.”

This has been a day of rest from my writing, with the exception of this blog post.  Instead, I chose to think of things to write, to experience joy and peace. To refresh.

Tomorrow is another day. It’s Thursday, and I wish for you a bluebird day!

—Freeda Baker Nichols


Creating Characters . . .

Creating characters is not easy.  But it helps when you think of BEST SOAP and make sure each of your characters represents Best Soap.

DSCF6133 (3) B = background

E = emotions

S = station

T = thoughts

S = speech

O = opinions

A = actions

P = physical descriptions

The small bar of soap in the center of the picture is from my New England vacation when I stayed at the Emerson Inn by the Sea, a lodging in Rockport, Massachusetts that has a “Ralph Waldo Emerson” room. It is said that the original hotel where Emerson spent time is part of the present establishment.


This lovely bed and breakfast--the Emerson Inn by the Sea--is where Ralph Waldo Emerson spent some time.

This lovely bed and breakfast–the Emerson Inn by the Sea–is where Ralph Waldo Emerson spent some time.







This post is the “first” of my new schedule. My goal is to post on Thursdays. This month I’m committed to photo101 with Wordpress and I will continue posting photos, at random. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate my readers. Thanks to all who view and/or comment. Do you know your comments are like stars above my Banner Mountain here in the Ozarks, where I first dreamed of writing?

Freeda Baker Nichols

Hi World! “Blogging 101”

“Blogging 101” suggests that I introduce myself to the world. So, hello world! To some extent, I already know you because I’ve been blogging for three years.  I’m a writer, poet, and an amateur photographer. I’m a wife, mother and grandmother.  I made my blog public to gain readers interested in the topics of fiction, poetry and photography. The title of my blog is “Freeda Baker Nichols, My True Sentence.”  I hope to consistently share my writing with many readers.  And with my every word, I’d like to say I love you and remember me!

Quoting Walt Whitman

“The secret of it all, is to write in the gush, the throb, the flood, of the moment–to put things down without deliberation– without worrying about their style–without waiting for a fit time or place. . .  By writing at the instant the very heartbeat of life is caught.”  Walt Whitman





Photos & poem: Copyright, Freeda Baker Nichols



All of a sudden! Lickety-split! I thought for sure, he'd had a fit! He jumped onto another limb and hid so well I couldn't see him.

All of a sudden! Lickety-split!
I thought for sure, he’d had a fit!
He jumped onto another limb
and hid so well I couldn’t see him.

My Interview by Southern Authors

Dear Readers,

What a pleasure to share with you this interview by Southern Authors!

Here’s the link which highlights my recent interview.

Writers need readers, and I appreciate each of you, who view my writing, who comment and who follow my blog, here on WordPress and my Facebook Author’s Page.

Tomorrow, Southern Authors will spotlight my book, Call of the Cadron.


Freeda Baker Nichols