My morning starts when I wake to the smell of coffee.  Then, with a cup of the tasty brew  and a small dish of raw fruit, I sit at my desk .  I open Facebook, my Blog and Email. My husband and I chat about the “news” of the day, whether it’s on Facebook, radio or TV. Often, I take a walk around our property to see the amazing beauty of nature. One awesome sight that I look at is Cash, my grandson’s colt.

Cash, the Colt

The cats are usually playing.  Below, Cal swings on a pine bush.


My walk ends back at the house, where I return to my desk, open a Word document and begin to write.  When the words flow freely and genuinely from my heart, it is a good morning indeed. My current goal is to finish a short story about Calypso (the main character) so that it may be added to my list of published works.      © 2013 Freeda Baker Nichols