Messaging, then and now . . .

DSC_0471Early spring mornings are memory makers. From the first chill of cool, fresh air as I step down the lane to the mailbox, I am excited and looking forward to opening the box. And no, there’s not anything of interest in there. A couple of bills and a magazine. No checks or letters from editors, today. No cards or letters from friends.

Actually, texting, messaging, phone and Facebook are the means of communication nowadays. My memory is beginning to fade about how wonderful it was to open an envelope, unfold a letter to find the ink-written or pencil-written words from a dear friend. I hope I never forget the immeasurable joy of having had that experience.

Communication still happens, perhaps stronger than ever, judging by the many cell phones turned on in public places at any given time. Mine included.
–Freeda Baker Nichols