A Good Time for U.S. Citizens to Register to Vote Is Now

I received a call today from a dear friend who lives far away. She’s a widow and I had not talked to her in a long time. She and her husband were our close friends many years ago when we were young and our husbands were serving in the U.S. Air Force.
During our conversation, she asked me if I still planned to vote for the candidate we’d discussed in an earlier telephone call.  I told her I was. She said she had been encouraged by two of her family members to vote for the same one. She admitted that she liked the other candidate. But she said she would probably vote her family’s choice and my choice–because of certain issues.
There’s no doubt that my friend is a registered voter and has been for a long time.

If you are a U.S. Citizen of voting age but for some reason, you’ve never registered to vote, now is a good time to register.  Become interested in the process that keeps our country strong. Register. Go to your polling place. Vote!


— Freeda Baker Nichols

Prayer for America

Flag of the U.S.A.When my country’s flag is flying
and I’m standing at attention,
far below its waving glory–
blue and white and red,  it’s waving
like it waved when Francis Scott Key
penned the Star Spangled Banner
–proud I am to be reciting
pledges to defend my country.
When and if the call comes for me,
will I sacrifice my freedom
for the freedom of all people?
Will I give my life for others?

Marines, airmen, sailors soldiers
in cold graves beneath white crosses,
traded lives for country, gave me
freedom now to live and worship.
How I love them how I thank them
for the blessings I now cherish,
given me because they died for
U.S.A., Beloved Country.
Help me live, teach me to fight for
duty, honor that they fought for.
Keep Old Glory up there waving,
high above my treasured Heartland,
U.S.A., Beloved Country.

© Freeda Baker Nichols

Eagle at Banner Mt.

If You Must Fight For Country

Flag of the U.S.A.








If You Must Fight For Country

If you must fight for country, lad, be brave.
March straight in tracks that former troops have trod.
Do not let those who hate you choose your grave.

Our country is our home that we must save
from hands of men who turn cold hearts to God.
If you must fight for country, lad, be brave.

The enemy may capture you to rave
of bold attempts to break you like a rod.
Do not let those who hate you choose your grave.

Raise high “The Stars and Stripes” to watch her wave
in triumph, give your firm salute and nod.
If you must fight for country, lad, be brave.

The steps you take must make boot prints to pave
the winding route for future men to plod.
Do not let those who hate you choose your grave.

To keep our country’s freedom that we crave,
some died—they now lie deep beneath the sod.
If you must die for country, lad, be brave.
Do not let those who hate you choose your grave.


© 2014 Freeda Baker Nichols



U.S.A. I Love You!

The winter has ended and spring has arrived.
The jonquils bloom yellow in leaves of green.
They paint the courtyard in colors alive.
This house is empty and yet, it’s serene.
It’s filled with memories, happy and sad.
Kids played Red Rover and Hide and Go Seek.
A stay-at-home mom and a hard-working dad.
They prayed together each day of the week.
In spring of their lives, many joys came their way.
And sadness, too, changed their laughter to tears,
but they counted their blessings each night and day.
They held tight to their faith down through the years.
When winter brought sorrow and things went wrong,
they rejoiced in singing their nation’s song.

Copyright, 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols