Journal Notes–1980

Spring is beginning to appear in lovely shades of yellow, pink, purple, white, red, green and a blend of many other shades — all spread out nicely under rays of gold and skies of blue. The tiny, blue flowers are up, a nice surprise of spring. Where have they been all winter? Lying dormant, deep under ground? DSC_0128
Many worthwhile stories are being written and I am writing none of them.

© Freeda Baker Nichols


From my Journal . . .


Beauty is many things. It is the sun rising above the timberline to give its light to a dark and waiting world.
It is the sound of a loved one’s voice when an eternity has elapsed since you last heard the familiar echoes in your heart.
It is the violet beside the road, the Sweet Williams, the rose petals and budding oaks in spring.
It is the voice of a friend when you need someone who understands.
This is a secret! The beholders of beauty must open not only their eyes but also their hearts to view the total realm of beauty.
Beauty and love intertwine, like ivy across a trellis.








© Freeda Baker Nichols