It’s a Writer’s Life–Page Six– THE AWFUL SWAN

What’s a writer to do when she is also a poet and she receives word that a poetry editor of a local newspaper needs a poem for Saint Patrick’s Day? Nothing a poet in that situation can do except create a poem.  Good or bad.  Long or short. Rhymed or free verse.  Makes sense or not. The following poem was written especially for Poet’s Forum and was published in the Benton Courier, an Arkansas, U.S.A. based newspaper.


The Irish Sea at Dublin town
has pretty shells enhancing
the shaded shamrocks that abound
where leprechauns go dancing.

The Emerald Isle shines brightly
at sunset on the Shannon
while children gather nightly
by the knees of Tom O’Bannon

to hear how he and his friend, John,
once sailed upon Kilarney seas
in search of that great, snowy swan
who ate St. Patrick’s cheese.

“We found him with a craw full
near Macgillycuddy’s Reeks,
and he was simply awful,
Tom said, among the children’s shrieks.

cCopyright, 2012 Freeda Baker Nichols