Sparrows in a Treetop

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Eighteen sparrows in a treetop
Eighteen sparrows cling to a limb.
Eighteen sparrows wait with patience
for the one who comes to  feed them.

The farmer’s never too busy
to throw the birds some tasty seed.
He’s awake so bright and early,
gives to them all the food they need.

Do you know about the sparrows,
how that our Lord watches their flight?
Not one falls without Him knowing
in the day or in the dark night.

© 2013 Freeda Baker Nichols

Doves Came Today

Doves joined redbirds today.

Doves joined redbirds today.








the doves came to join
redbirds, sparrows and chickadees
at mealtime.
They gathered around the feeder
and shared sunflower seeds and

The doves
had not been here since
they built their nest in the plum-tree
last April.
Such peaceful birds, the Mourning Doves
moved in and around the flock
with ease.

c Copyright, 2013  Freeda Baker Nichols

Birds in Winter

Birds in Winter

Note: Cameo pattern of poetry. Seven lines with exact syllable count in free verse.  2-5-8-3-8-7-2

Redbirds Waiting

Redbirds Waiting

Redbirds Waiting

As snow falls
redbirds wait their turn
at feeder.
Other birds–
even sparrows take their time
pecking at the seeds.

c Copyright, 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

Note: This little poem is a shadorma. A pattern with 6 lines with strict syllabic count: 3-5-3-3-7-5. It’s unrhymed, and often seasonal, capturing a moment in nature.

Protected Species

Birds in Winter

Birds in Winter

scratch for tidbits
before the storm’s fury;
cold winds leave birds restless but not

peck at red worms
wriggling in mushy mud
after the downpour of spring rain
has stopped.

feed mouthy babes
in early summertime
broken wings of flying insects,
and worms.

on rafters build
nests in hay-filled barn loft
where Someone keeps close watch in case
one falls.

c Copyright, 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols

This poem is a Cinquain Sequence