Barefoot Snowman

Barefoot Snowman

Barefoot Snowman

I fly and I fly and what do you know?
I see a big man made of snow!

From high in the sky I look far below
I see an angel made of snow.

I fly and I fly but where can I go
to find ice cream made of the snow?

I fly and I fly and I do not know
where to find shoes made of the  snow.

Then I find them hiding high in the blues–
the snow ice cream and the snowshoes!

I eat and I eat big bowls of snow cream
and fall asleep to dream and dream.

I fly and I fly whenever I choose
to sled the skies in my snowshoes.

c Copyright, 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols

Just a little rhyme to bring a smile three days before Christmas, 2012, because the weather man is forecasting a white Christmas night in the South.