Book a Flight for Me

This is the last day of January 2013, and today’s post contains the 31st poem I’ve written and posted during this month. Because I missed the deadline to join a group of bloggers writing new poems this month, I decided to write on my own and post daily.  This came about at the suggestion of my  lovely friend, a poet Catherine Johnson      who has a beautiful blog. Her reviews of books, especially children’s books, are helpful and interesting. She’s a good poet. I recommend a visit to her blog.  You will be amazed at her talent and energy.

After today’s poem, I will not be posting every day.  I’ve loved every day of creating a new poem, and I’ll miss posting each day, but I want to get back to my short story, and the marketing of my novel, Call of the Cadron. I’m planning a couple of book signings in the spring.

The poem I’ve chosen for today is a tercet form with varying refrain.

Book a Flight for Me

Watch the river run downstream
where the hot sun sends its beam
and the fish are like a dream
and catch a perch for me.

Feel the warmth of the setting sun
when the day is almost done
where the great race horses run
and make a bet for me.

Look up at the turquoise sky
see the big airplanes go by
how they travel way up high.
Book a flight for me.

c Copyright 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

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