“Take Home the Trophy” –Day Eight– NaPoWriMo

Runnin' the Poles at Arkansas Junior Rodeo Event

Runnin’ the Poles at Arkansas Junior Rodeo Event

Arkansas Junior Rodeo Event at Cave City

Arkansas Junior Rodeo Event at Cave City

Today is day one of rodeo time.
I’ll watch the big horses spin on a dime.
I’ll see the rope in my grandsons’ strong hands
go ’round a calf’s head in Cowboy Land.

The hooves of the horses will stir the dust.
It’s grandsons’ goal “Take home trophy” or bust.
The sun is hot. Cowboy hats in place.
A smile is plastered to each cowboy’s face.

Cowgirls also compete in this event.
It’s a day worthwhile–it’s a day well-spent.
Team ropin’, tie goats, the poles, break away;
bull ridin’, mutton bustin’, through the day.

Grand entry, the pledge, and a time to pray.
Cowboy Church sponsors the Rodeo Day.

Copyright 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

this horse

Tex, his shadow and the Cowboy

Getting Ready to Ride

Texas cattleman
once owned this bigĀ  quarter horse–
Cowboy owns him now

rancher called him BOB
the brand is for Big Old Boy–
Cowboy named him Tex

nostrils flare and snort
ground shakes with thunder of hooves–
Tex the quarter horse

bridled and saddled
Big Old Tex wins the barrels–
young boy’s dream-come-true

Brand is for Big Old Boy

c Copyright 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols
All Rights Reserved