BANNER MOUNTAIN GIRL # 18-a visit to the Emerson Inn by the Sea

As a child, growing up on Banner Mountain, I began writing poetry and continued writing it in high school. I loved reading poetry and hearing my teachers discuss poets and their work. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would become a poet. And I certainly never thought that one day I would spend a night at the same Inn by the Sea where Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) had visited, where he had been inspired to write some of his masterpieces.



This lovely bed and breakfast–the Emerson Inn by the Sea–is where Ralph Waldo Emerson sometimes vacationed.  The Inn has been renovated and the renovation left a portion of the original rooms where Emerson had stayed with his family. It was renamed Ralph Waldo Emerson after their most celebrated guest. Much of his inspiration, it is said, came from visiting this rocky coastline of Rockport, Massachusetts.


Rockport -- A Place Beside the Sea

Rockport — A Place Beside the Sea

I visited this romantic place and stayed at this unique Emerson Inn by the Sea with my husband and part of our family a few years ago when we returned to New England to show our children where we had lived. My husband was stationed at Pease Air Force Base, Portsmouth, New Hampshire for three years. We lived in Kittery, Maine when our third child was born. What a treasure to revisit New England, see old friends, begin a new poem, and to set foot on the rocky coast where Emerson once found inspiration to write!

© Freeda Baker Nichols

NaBloPoMo-2013-11-06 Emerson Inn by the Sea

This lovely bed and breakfast--the Emerson Inn by the Sea--is where Ralph Waldo Emerson spent some time.

This lovely bed and breakfast–the Emerson Inn by the Sea–is where Ralph Waldo Emerson spent some time. And this is where my husband and I stayed when we vacationed in New England a few years ago.

The Emerson Room was across the hall from the room where my husband and I stayed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARalph Waldo Emerson’s quote:  To fill the hour–that is happiness.

To fill my hour one evening by the sea, I was inspired to begin a poem  which turned into a narrative.  I’d like to share the beginning lines in today’s post.


The Sea is a Blue Mermaid

The sea is a mermaid that keeps tapping at the door.
Water lapping gently on the banks of Gloucester’s shore.
The foghorn’s beckoning sound within the ocean’s roar
mute to tired fishermen one hundred miles from shore.

© 2013 Freeda Baker Nichols