Weather Warning



Weather Warning

A redbird came to eat today,
flew by the tray
of fruit and grain
as drops of rain
began to plop and plop and plop.
When each big drop
became a splash,
I heard a crash
and looked to find the bird of red
with tufted head,
escaping claws
of cat’s wet paws.

© Freeda Baker Nichols


Banner Mountain Girl # 49 “from my diary”

1 November 1977– The rain drips and pours relief upon a dry, parched earth. It comes down steadily all day and all night. The brown leaves are soaked and lie heavily upon the ground. The roar of the rain sounds across the silence of the room, loud and then softer it falls, almost hushed, as it drips upon the leaves.

© Freeda Baker Nichols

Fallen Leaves

A Rock on a Rainy Day

Photo101 – Day nine – There was no sun in my sight today and I experimented taking pictures of the same subject at different hours of the day.

DSC_0282 8 AM                                    (Photo A)    This photo was taken at 8 A.M. on a cloudy day.

DSC_0328 2 PM rain                                       (Photo B)      This photo was taken at 2 P.M. after the rain.

I like Photo B the best. It looks like it might be a good prompt for a poem! Which one do you like best?