Grandma’s Gift

Baby snuggles beneath the warmth
of a quilt that Grandma made
with pattern from a color book–
animals in a  parade.

Some of them bark, some bite, some dance–
their colors are very bright
and baby loves to sing to them
when he goes to bed at night.

© Freeda Baker Nichols


A ragged quilt  covers my bed.
It’s almost thread-bare in places;
it was quilted by Mama and Grandma
and I can still see their faces
beaming with happiness
and shining with joy and pride
as they stitched and they laughed
while they worked side by side.
What will my daughter remember–
the thought whirls through my head,
as I spread the wool blankets
atop her water-bed?

© Freeda Baker Nichols

Grand Champion Prize -Day 19- NaPoWriMo

wedding ring quilt

wedding ring quilt (Photo credit: pinprick)

English: Wedding rings Português: Anéis de Noi...

I quilted a quilt for the fair
made every stitch by hand
but I didn’t win a blue ribbon
as I had so carefully planned.

They placed a white ribbon on it
and called it a third place prize.
The pattern was a wedding ring
of many colors in king size.

“Beautiful,” my granddaughter said.
“I’ll save it for my wedding day.”
She pinned a blue ribbon upon it
and carefully packed it away.

Last week at her garden wedding,
a hot sun caused roses to wilt.
But hanging there by the roses
was my king size, blue-ribbon quilt!

Copyright 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols