A Poem That Rhymes

Super Snooper

Up the hill and over the way,River
my puppy, Snooper, ran, one day.
Where did he go, what did he find?
Everything that was left behind.
He found a coat of Bobby Joe’s,
and a suit of his Sunday clothes.
He also found one of his shoes
and wrappers from the gum he chews.
Where’s Bobby Joe, I wondered then
and so I stopped to ask his friend.
Well, haven’t you heard, don’t you know
what has happened to Bobby Joe?
Do you think I’d ask, if I knew?
I only know Snoop found his shoe,
his jacket and his Sunday clothes,
a gum wrapper–do you suppose
he moved without saying goodbye?
I feel so sad I think I’ll cry.
Oh, no, don’t cry, said Bobby’s friend,
he will be coming back again.
I found out that Bobby Joe
had asked his dad if they could go
to Disneyland when spring break came
and so they both climbed on a train
that zipped away to Disneyland.
They are still there, you understand–
they’re having fun and laughing loud
among the dancing Disney crowd.
My puppy barked and dashed away
down the hill on that cool spring day.

© 2015 Freeda Baker Nichols

No Room For Flowers

Some apple flowers in an early stage

Some apple flowers in an early stage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The flowerbed
is waiting there for me
to dig and rearrange and spread
its contents gently ’round the apple tree.
But I must wait
until the rain dries up
and when it does, a likely fate–
the bed provides a place for little pup
to sleep. No flower grows
beside the puppy’s nose.


Copyright, 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols



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