My Page in Poems by Poets’ Roundtable of Arkansas

Rockport, Massachusetts 2006Fantasy’s Friend

Setting my sail on a shimmering sea,
I invited you to skim with me.
Away from the shore to never-never land,
together we swept, hand in hand.
One day my hand unclasped your own,
I drifted then on the sea alone.
My heart became a desert trail
like waves of water, behind the sail,
which opened, then closed a shimmering plane
without you there to whisper my name.

I listen for your voice above the ocean’s roar.
If I could summon you back once more!
But I hear nothing and feel no breeze
to carry me over the shimmering seas,
which mirror your face in a puzzle-like shade
as I reflect on the error I’ve made.
How could I have been so blind
as to leave unlocked the door of my mind,
through which you escaped on the shimmering sea?
Oh, precious love, still sail with me.

© Copyright, Freeda Baker Nichols
From Poems by Poets’ Roundtable of Arkansas, 1991


For A Job Well Done

For A Job Well Done

Poets’ Roundtable Presidents, so shrewd!
You did your jobs with humble gratitude,
always without a restful interlude.

You must have wanted to pull out your hair,
in spite of your sophisticated air.

You burned both ends of candle, middle, too.
You stayed until each trying task was through.
You were our tranquil skies of constant blue.

You were red sunsets; we were only rays;
we never knew how bright you made our days.

When each retired and new one filled your place,
at first, we found it hard to like new face
but soon we welcomed each with an embrace.

You were the greatest!  Pioneers who dared
to show the world how much true poets cared.

You reached for goals you often found too high
but never did you let us hear you cry;
instead, you sang a poet’s lullaby.

© 2013 Freeda Baker Nichols


For November, day 7, 2013