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old shedphoto101 – edge      This old shed once housed chickens. Now, it’s just waiting until someone tears it down.  I’ve used it here in my photo for today’s assignment.  I tried to straighten it with photoshop, but I had trouble with it.  The barn wood is in demand and the shed will be recycled, I’m pretty sure.


Purple Finch

Purple Finch
photo101 day sixteen – treasure + close-up. Bird-watching is like a treasure to me. I love watching them and photographing them. Here is a close up photo of a purple finch. Once, purple finches built nests year after year in a tumbleweed that I had hung on my porch. That was delightful to have this family of birds so close by. I have no pictures of them, but many purple finch come now to the feeder in my yard.

Moment & Motion

Redbird in Motion-1

Photo101 – Moment and Motion – While I was watching the birds this morning during a misty rain, this redbird came flying in so fast to the feeder, he barely stopped at the edge of the tray. He provided my
“moment in motion” and I snapped his picture for today’s assignment!   #photo101 Day Thirteen