BANNER MOUNTAIN GIRL # 42–Autumn in the Ozarks

When it’s Autumn in the Ozarks
and all the animals are fed.
When the hoot owl calls at nighttime
while I lie in my little bed.

The who-who sound is repeated,
far away, yet as close as night
that is dark outside my window–
the owl must be a pretty sight.

And oh, if I could find that owl
who gently wakes me with its call,
I would join it in the treetops
and not go back to sleep, at all.

© Freeda Baker Nichols




The Barking Owl

Owl photo, copyright 2013 by Dianne

Owl photo, copyright 2013 by Dianne










In the forest, when it’s night
when the stars give out their light,
a barking owl sits on a limb
moonbeams shining down on him.
With his screechy woof-woof sound,
he calls out to the hunting hound
in the forest, among the trees
out of reach of the nighttime breeze.
In the forest, when the dark
silences the meadowlark,
the woof of the barking owl–
only sound from birds on the prowl.

cCopyright, 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols


Note: This is a Quatrain, with rhyme scheme aabb.