Tonight, it seems that I should write and yet I find I’ve nothing much to say. But I will begin with this paragraph in hopes tomorrow the words will flow, or perhaps the day after tomorrow . . .


And so, this is tomorrow . . . “Call of the Cadron” is my first novel, published in 2012. The picture at right shows my well-worn, underlined copy of “The Basic Patterns of Plot” by Foster Harris.  It’s the book I studied through the University of Oklahoma’s Journalism Correspondence Course, some years ago. It was my guideline for plotting my first novel, and it’s still my guide as I pursue my writing goals.

Successful writing is many things–winning a poetry or writing contest, being published by magazines or newspapers, self-publishing, having your work accepted by a publisher or sharing your masterpieces on social media. And when a reader compliments your stories by saying, “When are you writing something else for the paper?” and then she continues to say that she clips your stories and saves them, that’s when you know beyond a doubt that writing is your destiny–and that’s all that matters.

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BANNER MOUNTAIN GIRL # 44 (from my files)

As I shred old copies of my writing, I sometimes come across a note that makes me stop and think. Like this note within a folder, marked CADRON– “Writing is no longer fun. I work at it but I do not enjoy it. I seem to have lost something in the shuffle of life.
Today I must start the novel. First, I will give it a name. ALONG THE CADRON

The Cadron Drifts Eastward


The Cadron drifts westward
with its secret and song.
Two hearts wait patiently
yet ever so long.
One will claim ownership,
the other must leave
desolate and destined
forever to grieve.”

Years later, here’s the book in published form.    CALL of the CADRON


Just Writing

Today, I stopped by Hastings Book Store to check on sales of my novel. Not one has sold since I picked up my last check. Marketing my book is a slow process. The excitement of its newness seems to have worn off and nobody’s buying. I fulfilled my dream to publish a book. Although I’d published a couple of children’s books, “Call of the Cadron” was my first novel, which was released in 2012.  I’m working on a second one, called Ship in the Harbor. I’m also moving slowly toward completing this book. But, sooner or later, I’ll finish this one. Writing a book is no easy task. But it’s every writer’s dream to publish at least one book and if you’re lucky as well as skilled, you will turn out a second one that rates higher than the first one.—Freeda Baker Nichols

My Interview by Southern Authors

Dear Readers,

What a pleasure to share with you this interview by Southern Authors!

Here’s the link which highlights my recent interview.

Writers need readers, and I appreciate each of you, who view my writing, who comment and who follow my blog, here on WordPress and my Facebook Author’s Page.

Tomorrow, Southern Authors will spotlight my book, Call of the Cadron.


Freeda Baker Nichols

Character in stories– what is it?

What is character in fiction? I’m still learning and I’m still writing.  Foster-Harris in “The Basic Patterns of Plot” states that  “. . . character is nothing in the world but the objective aspects of plot; character is the sign left by a story that has happened.”

How awesome is that?  The sign left by a story that has happened!

So, as I see this, if the story has happened, then as a writer I must tell it, but first, I need to choose a viewpoint character. All kinds of questions jump into my mind. What do I name him or her? What kind of character is he or she? Is the character subjective or objective? What if readers don’t like the main character?

According to Foster-Harris, a good story has at least one subjective character and a number of objective ones. His theory is that if a reader does not prefer the one, he will like some of the others.

That’s encouraging!

With one fiction novel published, I’m presently working on another one about a character named  Calypso.

As I write, I refer to “The Basic Patterns of Plot.” This book is now out of print .  It was part of my study through the professional writing courses of the University of Oklahoma. And it is still good help.

To writers in the blogging world,  how do you define character in a story?


And the Winner is . . .

CALL of the CADRONWe have a winner in my book giveaway! I’m excited and happy to announce that the winner is Patricia Tilton!   A lovely blogger at, she reviews children’s books that are designed to help the healing process for kids who are going through a tough time. Patricia, who is a journalist,  aspires to write books that are healing to children, especially those with special needs.  Check out her blog to see what a great resource it is for parents, grandparents and teachers. It’s amazing!

Congratulations, Patricia Tilton!  May you enjoy my book, “Call of the Cadron.”  The best to you in your blogging and writing endeavors.

And thanks to everyone who  participated in this giveaway! It’s been fun. Happy blogging!

Freeda Baker Nichols