End of 2K14 National Poetry Month

This poem was written in January for the Month of Poetry 2014 and shared on Kathryn Apel’s blog at katswhiskers.wordpress.com. I dedicate it now to poets everywhere.

Flaming Candles

So Long, farewell,
goodbye, my friends.
Keep the
candles of poetry
If by chance, they
do not be discouraged.
Bring them back
to brilliance
with words
only you can create.

© Freeda Baker Nichols

Free To Those Who Qualify

Oh, how I wanted a streamlined rocket ship
like Luke and Patty bought in ‘fifty-three!
Or one like Sam and Kay took on their trip
in Space where the Stars and Stripes wave free.
They traded in their shiny hover cars
for spacecraft well equipped with window view.
They rocketed to Moon and then to Mars,
did not invite me, left me here to stew.
Today, I smile and preen with pride of heart.
I got a raise, but friends are very few–
those few and I began to break apart.
We had a spat on Solar Avenue.
They needed dough to fix their rocket’s deck.
Their nerve! They asked me for my Welfare check!


© 2014 Freeda Baker Nichols

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What Shall I Write?

Poetry Month is winding down
and there is ink left in my pen.
What shall I write on this fair day–
a day that will not come again.

A story tall, only half-way true,
an essay, a novel, or a travelogue?
Should I document my recent trip
or write about my little lost dog?

I never know what will emerge
from the pen I hold within my hand.
My hope is that my work will please
all the kind folk in reader-land.

© 2014 Freeda Baker Nichols