On A Sunny Day

On A Sunny Day

The sun came out today
and a dark cloud hid its face
when sunbeams cast a light across the blue.
Little lambs ran to play.
A monkey joined in the race,
also two donkeys and a kangaroo.
They skipped and hopped along
like marching in a parade
headed to the main street of Happy Town.
They stopped to sing a song
beneath a tree in cool shade,
and then they played until the sun went down.

© 2015 Freeda Baker Nichols

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This poem is the KERF pattern, 12-lines arranged in four groupings of 3 lines each with syllable count of 6-7-10 and a rhyme scheme of abc, abc, def, def.
My poem turned into one for children, but this pattern works well for general poems, as well. To the poets, I think you’ll like this form. Why not try one?