Towel in the Willow

My hummingbird is back. And the corkscrew willow is new to our yard. My husband planted it this spring. And it leans a little and had to be supported in the winds. So Husband put part of a towel around a branch with a string attached and tied it to the fence. Hummingbird arrived  and although there’s a hanging feeder for him, he was attracted to the towel in the willow. He must have thought it was a flower because he flew straight for it, nearly bumping into it.



But then he tried to taste it. Didn’t work, but he kept trying. Poor baby! I really think I must talk to Husband about this.  What do you think?

What flower is this?

What flower is this?

© 2014 Freeda Baker Nichols

NaBloPoMo#15 Gone South

all the hummers flew in the month of September took the southern route

all the hummers flew
in the month of September
took the southern route

Ooops! This one is make-up work.  I missed one for the 15th of November.  Also need to make up a couple more I skipped at the beginning of the month. Blogging daily for a month is difficult! —-Freeda


Hummingbird King of the Crop

A white-shell egg, the size of tiny pea
lay warm beneath a feathered tummy fluff
in nest of hair and twine on limb of tree
that swayed when April’s wind blew gentle puff.

The hut was small as walnut shell–just right

English: A Female Vervain Hummingbird sitting ...
to house the hummingbird in early spring.
When mama bird was left both day and night,
on little nest, she taught her babe to sing.
And now, the young bird’s grown and seems content
to wing above the trees and creeks and rocks.
Although he wonders where his papa went,
he thrives on nectar from pink four o’clocks.
He never frets but sings his song in trills
that echo like a love song from the hills.

Copyright, 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols