the dam and her foal  color of Palomino  the sire was a Paint

the dam and her foal
color of Palomino
the sire was a Paint

Little Horse That I Loved

Lightfoot ran as fast as the wind,
across the shoals.
He treated me like his best friend;
we won the poles,
conquered the barrels and goat-ties.
Rodeo proud,
he galloped beneath summer skies
to please the crowd.
Ten-years-old, my gelding of white
raced in the fields.
Happy and free, both day and night,
he kicked up his heels.
We found him, but oh how sad
to watch him die.
The best horse a kid ever had!
With tears, I said good-bye
to Lightfoot.

© Freeda Baker Nichols



My morning starts when I wake to the smell of coffee.  Then, with a cup of the tasty brew  and a small dish of raw fruit, I sit at my desk .  I open Facebook, my Blog and Email. My husband and I chat about the “news” of the day, whether it’s on Facebook, radio or TV. Often, I take a walk around our property to see the amazing beauty of nature. One awesome sight that I look at is Cash, my grandson’s colt.

Cash, the Colt

The cats are usually playing.  Below, Cal swings on a pine bush.


My walk ends back at the house, where I return to my desk, open a Word document and begin to write.  When the words flow freely and genuinely from my heart, it is a good morning indeed. My current goal is to finish a short story about Calypso (the main character) so that it may be added to my list of published works.      © 2013 Freeda Baker Nichols


this horse

Tex, his shadow and the Cowboy

Getting Ready to Ride

Texas cattleman
once owned this big  quarter horse–
Cowboy owns him now

rancher called him BOB
the brand is for Big Old Boy–
Cowboy named him Tex

nostrils flare and snort
ground shakes with thunder of hooves–
Tex the quarter horse

bridled and saddled
Big Old Tex wins the barrels–
young boy’s dream-come-true

Brand is for Big Old Boy

c Copyright 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols
All Rights Reserved