Along About Sunset

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                                                                      along about sunset

horse starts to barn

 © 2016 Freeda Baker Nichols

Big Two-Headed Horse


An idea for a story, perhaps? What’s your take on that idea? It might be awesome if this animal crossed the river Hemingway wrote about. Remember, “Big Two-Hearted River?”

Not saying I’m planning to use this photo to launch a new story, but you never know. I might. Imagination is a great story starter. Do you think so?


The spring day was a lazy day, the kind of day that makes a writer dream of writing.  But
when she’s married to a man who loves to attend auctions, sometimes she must accept
his invitation to go look at what’s for sale on the day before the auction. So . . . although
I wanted to stay home and write, I grabbed my camera and dutifully set out with the man
of my dreams. We passed by the magnificent animals in this picture and snap went my
camera. And that was the beginning of this story in photos.

Brahman Cows

Brahman Cows



Cat named Sassy

Cat named Sassy

Sassy's not for sale.

Sassy’s not for sale.

A pretty calico kitty

A pretty calico kitty looks up at a sparrow.

Sparrow's Nest

Sparrow’s Nest



Sassy sees a sparrow

Sassy sees a sparrow

"What's in the box?" wonders Calico Kitty.

“What’s in the box?” wonders Calico Kitty.

horse statue

“Take me home with you.”

Lamps that lighted the nights of long ago. Oh, the stories they tell . . .

Lamps that lighted the nights of long ago. Oh, the stories they tell . .

"Don't fence me in."

“Don’t fence me in.”

There’s nothing like the real thing, and this little colt is real. I’d like to take it home with me but it’s not for sale.

"Pretty please, take me home with you!"

“Pretty please, take me home with you!”

So much for our preview of the items for auction. Nothing there was interesting enough to warrant a trip back
out tomorrow. Nothing except the beautiful brown horse statue. It might be a great prompt for my next western!
I wonder . . . is there room for it beside my desk?