My Daddy — Keeper of the Reins ———— Day 29 napowrimo

The brim on the gray felt hat
that shaded his face
in hot summertime
was soaked with perspiration
but no sun could erase or
lessen the deep blue
of his eyes because
my daddy’s heart controlled them.

© Copyright,2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

Daddy’s Felt Hat

The hat of felt my daddy wore was bent
around the edges of its sweat-soaked brim;
my daddy wore it everywhere he went.
I keep it now in memory of him.
Inside a box it sits on closet shelf.
I often think I should discard it now,
and yet I simply cannot bring myself
to throw away the hat he wore to plow.
My daddy’s strength, his heart, his steel-blue eyes
made straight my path and edged my walk with pride
and gave me hope beneath bright sun-filled skies,
gray-dimmed and damp the day my daddy died.
    The hat of rich worn felt looks out-of-place
    away from daddy’s deep-lined, humble face. 

c Copyright 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols

This Shakespearean sonnet is one of my favorites.