Looking Back into my Journal

From my 1980sBig truck and little truck (3) Journal: “Time is a most precious gift. We must cherish it as we would our very best friend. We must greet it with a most warm welcome and treat it with respect because the time of each day is as a guest who will not come our way again.” —Freeda Baker Nichols, Tuesday, March 25, 1980.rose-1

FIND HAPPINESS day 25 napowrimo

FIND a word and write it down;
HAPPINESS is a true rhyme.
WHEN ever your muse acts a clown,
YOU may write poems anytime.
WRITE about lemon, also lime–
A mountain or a pantomime.
POEM should make you smile, not frown.

Spins When the Wind Blows

Spins When the Wind Blows

Copyright 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

An Adagem–a variation of the Acrostic.  The first words of the
lines when read downwards convey a special message. They
are shown in bold letters.

Spins in the Wind

Spins in the Wind

The Love of a Good Man

The chocolates that he brought were cherry-filled.
They tasted sweet when melted on my tongue.
He squeezed my hand so tightly that it thrilled
my heart–back then–when we were very young.
The diamond ring he gave to me shone bright
as golden sequins on a gown of green.
Like sparkling stars that complement the night,
the ring would please a gem-collecting queen.
And now our lives are passing in review.
Though yellow strands of hair have turned to gray,
he holds my hand the way he used to do.
Still thrilled, I’m thankful that he came to stay.
I found true love that changed my way of life
the day when I became this good man’s wife.

c Copyright 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols


The Shakespearean Sonnet — one of my favorites.

Replacing the Toothpaste Cap

When my husband leaves
the cap off the toothpaste tube,
sometimes I complain,
but more often than not,
I replace the cap.
His dogs adore him;
they lick his hand,
and stick close by.
His horses trust him.
They neigh their
thanks in the evening
when he takes them feed.
He tells me, “See why
I must be home by dark?”
He removes his hat,
gives a firm salute
when our flag passes by.
He opens his Bible
night and morning
in total commitment.
He speeds but not enough
to get a ticket, won’t
park in a handicap slot,
though he’s qualified.
When I say, “The doves
are few this year,”
he replies, “Love you too, Dear.”
And that’s why, most of the time,
I replace the cap on the toothpaste.

c Copyright 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols