A hill, a meadow, a mountain . . .

A hill, a meadow, a mountain,

God made them all for me

to climb, to romp in, to look at–

how wonderful God must be!

He made the little flowers

that peep up through the earth.

He made the rocks and waterfalls–

how much my world is worth!

It’s rich in clover and daisies

that fragrant the meadow green

and boasts of stately maple trees

that shade the brook between.

Oh, how that God must love me

to give me this to behold!

I’d never trade my mountainside

for a city that’s filled with gold.

© 2014 Freeda Baker Nichols
Violets at Banner

Bridal Veil Falls

Banner Mountain (1) -2-1


Château de Cheverny, Loir-et-Cher, France - ga...

Château de Cheverny, Loir-et-Cher, France – gardens, lupines and peonies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She was a blossom picked for God‘s bouquet,
my mama said regarding Granny Crete.
Then Mama planted peonies in clay
with hope they would survive the summer heat.

Pale pink
starched cotton
the dress I wore
to church that day.

The preacher said that Heaven is a place
where loved ones go to be with God and wait.
And now my mama is there waiting, too.
She was a blossom picked for God’s bouquet.

C Copyright, Freeda Baker Nichols

Dorsimbra pattern. Published in Poets’ Roundtable of Arkansas Anthology