Down to Earth Book-Signing

Freeda Baker Nichols Book Signing for "Call of the Cadron."

Freeda Baker Nichols
Book Signing for “Call of the Cadron.”

It was noon on a Wednesday– November 13, 2013 to be exact–and there I was at the Dirty Farmers Community Market in my town. I’d been invited to come in for the express purpose of signing my book. In other words, a book signing. I was the first of a few local authors invited to bring in our books. This was my second book signing for my first novel, “Call of the Cadron.” One gentleman bought a copy for his wife. Another person bought my children’s book for her granddaughter.  That gave me a chance to sign my name a couple of times. Got my picture taken, too. One copy is here and another is on Facebook. The one on Facebook doesn’t even tell who I am or give the name of my novel. So if anyone wants to know what the Cadron is–It’s a creek! A real creek in Arkansas.  But my book is not about the Cadron.  It’s about the characters who live along that creek.  Only, it isn’t true. Not one word. But I’m supposed to be writing at least one true sentence even in fiction because that’s what Hemingway said was how you could learn to write. I’ve been trying that. That one true sentence.  And I just don’t know if that’s so or not. But it might could be.

My first signing for “Call of the Cadron” was at a book store in another town, back in April.  If I recall correctly, I sold one book. Most people walked on past my table to buy whatever it was they came for.  Which was not my book. I’m sorry to say. To admit, actually. The newspaper in that town had run a great article about me and my book, with a picture and all.  And the person who bought that one book from me had already bought three when the books first came out.

Oh, at the Dirty Farmers Community Market, one man wearing a black cowboy hat went past my books and bought some hot peppers and green tomatoes.

© 2013 Freeda Baker Nichols

NaBloPoMo #19 November 2013

I Thank You Sincerely

With 31 new poems written and posted, I’m  back at writing a short story. Before I begin today’s chapter, I want to say thanks to everyone who viewed, commented, or followed this blog during my poetry-writing month of January 2013.  Your interest amazes me and humbles me. I thank you sincerely.

This is a good time to also say thanks to Roland Mann,  mentor at Hemingway-Pfeiffer Writers’ Retreat, whose advice I followed to begin this blog. He also helped to set it up. Roland teaches Creative Writing at Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida.  His blog is an inspiration to writers as he shares his expertise in the publishing field.

I’d like to say a special thanks to my blog’s top three commenters, according to a WordPress summary. These bloggers have supported me from the beginning with their comments and I can’t thank them enough.  I’ve never met any of them, but wouldn’t it be awesome if I could?

My top three commenters, from the blog’s beginning a year ago, in this order are: Inger WilkersonCatherine Johnson, and Ginger Pruitt. (Ginger does not have a blog, but she is on Facebook)

Inger has a fabulous blog about recipes and healthy food. Her photos are awesome. Her notes attached with the recipes are like a welcoming invitation to dinner.  And you will want to try her recipes.

Catherine’s blog is a happy place to view, so full of life and adventure as she shares her poetry, her delightful reviews of children’s books and novels. She’s friendly and her blog is encouraging and helpful to writers,  poets and bloggers.

Ginger is someone I met through Facebook, and if she had a blog, it would be outstanding.  Her Facebook posts reflect her sense of humor.  Once she found that I write, and that I started the blog, she has faithfully commented with encouragement.

My top three posts with most views in January 2013 were: Book a Flight for Me, Wild Azaleas, Quotes from my diary and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

My top three topics were: Poetry, blogging, photos.

The views came from many countries.

Thanks, again, to all.

Freeda Baker Nichols,
a poet and a writer,
of Banner Mountain, USA