Pink Moon day 26 napowrimo

Pink moon

Pink moon (Photo credit: mhiguera)

“The moon will glow in pink tonight,” they said.
Is that a false line from some writer’s book?
The thought of pink full moon fills me with dread.
But still I know that I will have to look.
This month of April seems to be the clue.
It happens every year but I’ve not seen
the moon parade in pink––it’s sometimes blue
like when it’s high above Kentucky’s green.
When it gets dark I go outside to see.
And sure enough the moon is glowing pink.
It’s full and bright and shining light on me.
I stand and stare and don’t know what to think.
Then I surmise that lines the writers weave
must show the reader–and  he will believe.

Copyright 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

Barefoot Flowers -Day 20- NaPoWriMo

Blue flowers, tiny,
and green-stemmed,
clinging to soft earth
as though your very existence
depends upon its dark soil;
your roots run at fragile angles
through red, brown, and black —
you are a symbol of many things;
among them, strength and beauty
that only the Creator can claim
as His Masterpiece.

Copyright, 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

Unwanted Hickory Nut

Ripe hickory nuts ready to fall, Andrews, SC

Ripe hickory nuts ready to fall, Andrews, SC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A hickory nut
damp in February snow
hugged the ground
that shielded roots
of its mother tree.

No squirrel
to crack the nut. No one to
choose it for toppings on pies.
Alone, it embraced
the cold earth.

Snow melted. Sun dried
the hickory nut. March wind–
cutting like a lion’s tooth–whistled
and puffed until topsoil
buried the little nut.

April sun,
warm as an iron, heated
on a wood-burning stove,
pointed to earth
with white-hot rays.

Delicate and pea green,
sheltered by arms of the
mighty mother tree, a tiny
hickory shoot peeked shyly
from its shell.

c Copyright, 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols