Pairs of birds

grackles, mourning doves, blue jays and redbirds

These colorful birds visit my yard often. The birds that I remember when I was a child at Banner Mountain were not the same as these.  They were mockingbirds, hummingbirds, sparrows, crows, hawks, owls and purple martins. My older siblings often told the story of how they would go look at a bird’s nest in an old tree. They said it was the nest of a “yellow-hammer” and it was built in an old “snag,” which meant it was in an old hollow tree. But I have no idea what kind of bird it was. My siblings went every day to see the baby birds. By researching, I’ve learned the yellowhammer is Alabama’s state bird, which is a northern flicker or yellow-shafted flicker. Or as one source says, they were birds with yellow patches under their wings. I can only imagine how beautiful those birds and baby birds must have been. I wish I could have seen them but they lived in the old snag tree before I was born. And to this day, I have not seen a yellowhammer bird. ~~Freeda Baker Nichols

Kippy and the Doves

A visitor for lunch!

A visitor for lunch!

Kippy came at lunchtime
in the middle of the day.
The doves were kind and gentle–
he decided he would stay.

He ate their meager offering–
leftovers from the grain.
His lunch was quite yummy
and took away his hunger pain.

Now when Kippy climbs
out on an oak tree limb,
he watches over gentle doves
who were so kind to him.

© Copyright, Freeda Baker Nichols

Doves Came Today

Doves joined redbirds today.

Doves joined redbirds today.








the doves came to join
redbirds, sparrows and chickadees
at mealtime.
They gathered around the feeder
and shared sunflower seeds and

The doves
had not been here since
they built their nest in the plum-tree
last April.
Such peaceful birds, the Mourning Doves
moved in and around the flock
with ease.

c Copyright, 2013  Freeda Baker Nichols

Birds in Winter

Birds in Winter

Note: Cameo pattern of poetry. Seven lines with exact syllable count in free verse.  2-5-8-3-8-7-2