This Children’s Poem . . .

. . . To my readers,
This children’s poem is still in progress. Sometimes a poem is in progress for years before it’s complete. Amazing, isn’t ?  But I enjoy this poem and want to share it along with my photos. I hope you enjoy it, too, and that some of you might read it to your children or grandchildren. Thanks.

Blue lily, day lily,
what do you say, lily?
Have you seen Felicia,
the filly?

She jumped over the jonquils
out there by the pond
and pranced through the peonies
down in the front yard.
Foal Day 21 030-2

Blue lily, day lily,
what do you say, lily?
Where will Felicia,
the filly,
spend cold winter days?

There in the mountains of snow
where Red River rushes with glee,
where cowboys no longer chase horses
and horses forever run free.
© 2014 Freeda Baker Nichols
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