Blogging 101’s Lesson–A Real Treasure!

Yesterday’s assignment,  commenting on four new blogs,  has turned into a treasure. One of the posts I commented on was in Spanishwoods. I’d noticed this blogger had responded to some of my posts with Likes, and I decided to look to see what Spanishwoods was about. The name is intriguing! And I commented on a poem and photos titled “Things I’ve Noticed Recently.”  Tagged as animals and nature, the photos and poem in this post show the reader how beautiful nature can be.

This looks like a blog similar to my interests and I enjoyed finding it.  Thanks to Blogging 101. This lesson has been great!

Dear Editor “Blogging 101”

© Freeda Baker Nichols’ Blogging 101 Assignment: Targeting my audience. Feb. 4, 2015

Ozark Calendars Editor
Ozark, Ozarks

Dear Editor:

I have admired your beautiful calendars for years. In fact, since I was a child. Mother always bought your calendars. Year after year, one of your calendars hung on the wall in our modest little home out on the mountain. Mother’s gone now, and Papa, too.  I don’t live on the mountain anymore.
But I live close by. And I’ve become a photographer.

Many, many people have told me that my pictures would be good in calendars. I tend to agree. So I’ve prepared this portfolio to send to you in hopes that you will see how these pictures resemble the kind of pictures you always print on your calendars.









this is Mama Cat
she had two litters of cats
and she’s retired now







this here is Twister
I wanted to name him Storm
but Mister said no







this cat is Calvin
he likes to hunt and climb trees
he once caught a shrew







the brown goat, Copper,
loves to run on the hillside
in Ozark Mountains


So, Dear Editor, this is just a sample of my many pictures. If they appear to be to your liking, and if you should like to see more samples, it will be my pleasure to send them to you. And so, I will close now.

Yours truly,

a photographer in the Ozarks

Why I Chose “My True Sentence” for a Tagline

DSC_0191-2The tagline for my blog became “my true sentence in prose, poetry & photos” to show I’m a writer. I share my literary pieces and photo essays here on my blog.

When the assignment in WordPress’ Blogging 101 class suggested a look at blog titles and taglines, I realized not everyone is familiar with Hemingway’s quote on writing: “All you have to do is write one true sentence.”

I chose my tagline because I like to believe I, too, can become an accomplished writer and “one true sentence” sounds like a good place to begin. Hemingway said it was.

I’ve attended writers’ retreats in Piggott, Arkansas at the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum and Educational Center, many times. It’s inspiring to take my laptop computer into the barn studio where Hemingway wrote portions of “A Farewell to Arms.”  When I’m there, it’s an awesome experience to write and to dream of creating a masterpiece. But if I never do, it’s still fun to be a writer, to write, to dream, and to blog. That’s my true sentence!        — Freeda Baker Nichols



Hi World! “Blogging 101”

“Blogging 101” suggests that I introduce myself to the world. So, hello world! To some extent, I already know you because I’ve been blogging for three years.  I’m a writer, poet, and an amateur photographer. I’m a wife, mother and grandmother.  I made my blog public to gain readers interested in the topics of fiction, poetry and photography. The title of my blog is “Freeda Baker Nichols, My True Sentence.”  I hope to consistently share my writing with many readers.  And with my every word, I’d like to say I love you and remember me!