AN ILLINI SONNET (for my friends)

Pattern for the Illini sonnet:Fourteen lines written in three quatrains of iambic feet, using tetrameter and pentameter, concluding with an iambic pentameter couplet.  Each quatrain is set up with one tetrameter, two pentamter and one tetrameter.  Metric feet: (4-5-5-4, ) ( 4-5-5-4,) (  4-5-5-4.) The rhyme scheme is abca, bcdb, cdec, ee

For My Friends

I did not want to start a blog
until one day a mentor said I should
and so I took to heart his sage advice.
At first, my mind was full of smog.
I wondered how some bloggers could
create those posts that made their websites nice.
and then, I started out to write and share
some stories that I thought were good.
I wrote a post about blind mice
and not one blogger seemed to even care.
But then I found that I could write haiku.
Those little gems soon cracked the ice.
My blog took off when bloggers came to view.
And now my blogging friends are quite a few.

c Copyright, Freeda Baker Nichols