A Trip Back to Kittery

Rain Threatens First Day of Trip

Annabelle's Ice Cream Shop

At Annabelle’s, Portsmouth, NH

An Air Force retiree, his children, 
his wife, granddaughters, too
took  a trip back to the state of Maine–
to see again the birthplace
of the youngest daughter–
first day out, they stopped in cool of rain.

Her birthplace by the ocean
a town called Kittery
vivid memories of golden days
military family
with little children three
delightful in all their child-like ways.

Return to Hampton Beach, NH

Visit was magnificent
with skies and sand both great.
Duplex still there they used to call home. 
New memories made that day
in town of Kittery  
to take with them wherever they roam.

c Copyright,  2012 Freeda Baker Nichols